URGENT need for an ‘ATTITUDE CHANGE’ in the US

URGENT need for an ‘ATTITUDE CHANGE’ in the US Where has this ‘WHO CARES’ –attitude virus– generated from? And why is every other American ‘chronically infected’ by it? The problem is more significant than what is generally perceived and it goes as deeply as to affecting every single occupation which involves any type of ‘Customer … Continue reading URGENT need for an ‘ATTITUDE CHANGE’ in the US


El Rezo Negro

Negro Negro nací, negro he vivido y negro moriré… Orgullosamente bruno y de piel oscura, de nariz ancha y de labios gruesos, De músculos fuertes, de prominentes pómulos y cabello ensortijado, Negro de inteligencia inmensurable y capacidades infinitas. Negro como mis ancestros que vivieron en la playa, selva y la montaña, Negra es mi piel … Continue reading El Rezo Negro

The Black Prayer

Black I was born Black, I have lived Black and I will die Black... Proudly brunette of dark complexion… of wide nose and thick lips, Of strong muscles, prominent cheekbones and nappy hair, Black with immeasurable intelligence and infinite capabilities. Black, as too were my ancestors who lived by the beach, jungle and mountains, Black … Continue reading The Black Prayer

Allowances & our children!

How are we raising our children? Some of you might already know that I'm a USMC Veteran and 'that' might influence in part my character. I never got "an allowance" as a child and neither did my wife and we turned out ok. Both academically prepared, she has a BS in Electrical Engineering and I … Continue reading Allowances & our children!