The Black Prayer


I was born Black, I have lived Black and I will die Black…
Proudly brunette of dark complexion… of wide nose and thick lips,
Of strong muscles, prominent cheekbones and nappy hair,
Black with immeasurable intelligence and infinite capabilities.

Black, as too were my ancestors who lived by the beach, jungle and mountains,
Black is my enchanting skin, which absorbs light, and is strong and inherent,
Black as the shadow that comes before the sunbeams to protect us,
Black as the exuberant petroleum that gushes from the earth’s core.

Being Black is a reason to be proud; being born Black is an ancestral blessing,
We are the diverse and rich legacy from a Black land of Emperors and Kings,
To bow our heads would be an awful offense to our majestic Black past,
To recover and maintain our Black cultural heritage is now our debt.

Black, as those who were kidnapped from their land, to be taken elsewhere,
Black as my ancestor, whom groomed me into loving this beautiful race of mine,
Proudly Black as his father, and full of Black pride as his mother,
Black and Proud, as all those whom imperiously shape my progeny.

I will keep my fight Black, without remorse or hesitation to advance further more,
Black are my thoughts, and Black are my piercing words,
Black I will preserve my proceedings and ancestral believes,
I will defend and safeguard my Black race’s ancestral memory… for I am Black.

Giunëur B. Mõşi

Negro 2


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