URGENT need for an ‘ATTITUDE CHANGE’ in the US

URGENT need for an ‘ATTITUDE CHANGE’ in the US

Bad Attitude

Where has this ‘WHO CARES’ –attitude virus– generated from? And why is every other American ‘chronically infected’ by it? The problem is more significant than what is generally perceived and it goes as deeply as to affecting every single occupation which involves any type of ‘Customer Service’.

Since when it became ‘acceptable’ to walk into an establishment and find its attendant ‘busy’ on personal matters… such as talking on the phone (on a personal call), texting, playing video games, talking to other attendants, or simply day dreaming… and definitely not providing customers with an adequate service, let along even greeting accordingly!

We find ourselves every day in front of a clerk that continuously responds with an unacceptable attitude or on going sarcasm, and in most occasions –NO ONE– says anything… they feel uncomfortable with the service, but yet opt to remain silent… Why?

Now days is just normal to expect –bad customer service– from any given establishment which DOES NOT engage into some kind of remuneration such as a ‘tip’ or a ‘service survey’ at the end of every transaction. Shouldn’t you just feel great after helping someone correctly? Isn’t that enough compensation in case you don’t receive a material or praise one?

Why is it so difficult to HELP and SERVE with a smile? Or just HELP, because it is the –right thing to do– and not because you have to or feel forced to do so? Believe it or not… something as simple as a SMILE and good body language can be the beginning to a great customer service experience.

Don’t these people know that if they make good service available to the public, patrons will unquestionably come back more often in addition to letting friends and relatives know about their WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE; thus increasing the chances for said establishment to enhance their business growth, not to mention their revenue as well.

But every coin has two sides… so, having examined the previous observations; let’s take a quick look at the counter part –the customer or client–

Since when it became ‘tolerable’ to receive a –bad attitude customer– and still be obligated to ‘NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY’? Or why is it ‘ok’ for a consumer to ‘act belligerently’ and get away with it? The fact that you are buying or paying for a service, does NOT give you the right to mistreat any staff member.

Should we ‘DEMAND’ the same kind of treatment ‘WE GIVE’?

Do not mistake ‘providing a service’ with ‘being a servant’, for the two are not the same at all. In the later one, the exchange is totally degrading in addition to disrespectful. Service providers are not ‘slaves’ and deserve our respect. Much in contrast with ‘providing a satisfactory service’ which should in fact be a pleasant interaction for both parties.

Where is smile, the greeting, the pleasant eye contact, the enjoyable tone of voice, the hand shake, the right posture? Why has it become HARD to just ‘provide or receive’ a service in the up most professional and respectful manner possible?

Giunëur B. Mõşi



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