This is my take on immigration…

My father is a lawyer and a politician whom at the time, was working in the Colombian Government when our lives were suddenly in eminent danger. Due to his political occupations and affiliations, my family and I relocated to the U.S. in “political asylum status” when I was a child. Soon after all the appropriate legal process, we became naturalized citizens. My sister and I, are very proud Army and United States Marine Corps HONORABLE Veterans respectively. THE U.S. IS OUR HOME!


I have repeatedly found myself being asked about “what is “my position in regards to ‘immigration’ in general?”. Well, to make it easy for everyone to grasp my particular concept, I will use a simple analogy to explain “MY VISION OF IMMIGRATION”:

Personally, any country’s immigration could be interpreted from the same perspective as that one of “someone visiting a house”, any house… YOUR OWN HOUSE!

■ (1) The first case at hand, is that of the person invited to rent or share a space in your home. That roommate with the same/limited rights and obligations as you! (those immigrants which arrived LEGALLY and STAYED LEGALLY). My family!

■ (2). The second case presented, are those individuals that you have invited to stay for a limited period of time at your place, but then they ‘overstay their welcome’ at your place (those which arrived LEGALLY, but are now in ‘illegal’ status).

■ (3). The third and last case, is that person that you find seating on you couch wearing your pj’s, watching your TV and eating your popcorn, after they ‘BROKE IN’ through the window to gain access into your place (those who ENTERED ILLEGALLY).

Here is my take, based on the three exposed scenarios:

▪ The first case is self explanatory and it would be redundant to go over it again!

▪ In the second case, you can try to work something out with that visitor that ‘over-stayed’ at your place, and maybe extend their stay, rent them a room or help them solve their status and gain from their production, while they benefit from staying.

▪ In the third case, stealing or NOT stealing… Bad intentions or GOOD intentions… YOU WANT THEM *OUT OF YOUR HOME* IMMEDIATELY, as they were —NEVER INVITED TO ENTER YOUR PROPERTY—. No question asked… NO EXCEPTIONS…!!!

That’s the way I see things today… tomorrow, I don’t know!

Giunëur B. Mõşi



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